Lord Marmaduke reads the news in this funny video
Weird creatures of the Wild Wood ~ funny fantasy stories
Spoof advert ‘Save the Goblins’
Dragon Call Centre ~ a comic video
You can check out lots of funny story videos by Cornelius Clifford on his YouTube channel:
Cornelius Clifford works closely with Monstrous TV to produce children’s stories and funny short stories for kids in video format. Have a look at the examples here to get a flavour. These videos and short films work well alongside the children books he writes and illustrates. We are never happier than when putting together good stories for kids both as short films and books. Monstrous TV plan to bring out more online stories for kids soon. One project we are working on is to try and persuade the Monstrous Creatures to read bedtime stories and to film them reading story books on videos. Let’s hope they co-operate!
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