MOLESWIND and the GOBLIN INVASION In this, the second fantasy book in the Moleswind series, our hero is appointed as a forest messenger and his first assignment is to deliver a scroll to the Dwarf King. The elvish high Queen is seeking his aid against the imminent invasion of the forest by the goblin hordes and their allies. Moleswind, a slight, elf type creature of the wild wood, is carried on the back of a proud centaur to the halls of the Dwarf King. When they return to the camps of the forest folk, the goblins are already massed across the valley. A tough battle follows in which even lesser elves such as Moleswind are drawn in to the fighting as the conflict swings from one side to the other. Moleswind acquits himself well against several hill goblins but when he is confronted by an enormously tall and thin forest giant (one of the Foth) his heart sinks... profusely illustrated with line drawings, this traditional fantasy tale is set in the Hidden Realms world. Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford, sixty pages, line drawing illustrations, electronic book in PDF format; Buy your copy for $2.99 here: The Goblin Invasion (using our secure Payhip page)
Copyright Cornelius Clifford 2020
Book two in the Adventures of Moleswind THE GOBLIN INVASION
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