MOLESWIND AND THE DARK ENCHANTER Moleswind becomes ensnared in the magical webs of the Dark Enchanter, an unscrupulous elf of ancient lineage. Plucky and resourceful as ever, Moleswind rises to the many challenges to resolve this quest and save his fellow forest people from never ending servitude under the command of the Dark Enchanter. This is the third fantasy story in the Moleswind series and is set in the Hidden Realms fantasy world. Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford, 36 pages, numerous line drawings etc. This digital fantasy book is free. A free digital fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford. Download your free copy of this fantasy adventure book here: 36 pages, line illustrations, PDF format:-   $FREE DOWNLOAD NOW (via a secure Payhip page)
Copyright Cornelius Clifford 2020
Cornelius Clifford, Fantasy Books & Films
THE THREE-HEADED DRAKE    The drake lunged forward, exposing an impressive collection of fangs in all three of its mouths. Moleswind leapt to one side and stabbed at one of the drake’s necks. He barely managed to pierce the monster’s tough hide, though his aim was true.    The Noggle encampment was under attack from a three-headed drake; a wingless cave dragon. The vicious creature was large enough to have easily crunched up any one of the noggles. Despite being small as drakes go, the monster was a daunting enemy for the small forest hunters.    Moleswind fought the monster with the other noggle hunters and, by sheer weight of numbers; they drove the beast back. It retreated down the valley, the way the caravan of the forest tribes had travelled the night before. Licking its wounds, it disappeared from sight. One of the noggle elders, an experienced hunter, said:    “We must have disturbed the beasts’ slumber, is my guess. It would hardly have attacked such a large encampment for food. Maybe the monsters’ lair is close by.” The other noggle hunters nodded at this wise observation, but did not seem tempted to do much about it.    Moleswind, on the other hand, was very much interested in finding the drakes’ lair. He knew such monsters often nest on a pile of treasure, or so said all of the stories he had read. He questioned the noggle scout who had first raised the alarm and decided to investigate.     Moleswind, the noggle tribe he belonged to, and several other forest tribes, were trooping south to their winter hunting grounds. The caravan had climbed over a high mountain pass and down into a deep and stony valley which had a broad river meandering through it. They had established their camp for the day in the shadow of a tall and dark castle. “The legend is that this was the castle of a great enchanter.” A friendly elf, one of the nisse, had told Moleswind when he saw him staring, intrigued, at the grim castle. From this distance, the cluster of tall towers looked like fangs stabbing into the bright sky. Even in the early morning light, it was a place of ill omen. Lurking grimly on an outcrop of a craggy mountain, like a giant brooding spider of stone. "They say the enchanter was enchanted himself by a rival sorcerer and was trapped inside his own castle for a hundred years." The elf said.    Nobody was comfortable camped in the shadow of the dark enchanter’s tower. Most knew of the place, and nothing they had heard about it was good. But there really was little choice. The vast and ancient castle overlooked all of the passes in that region of the mountains. Whichever way the high queen led the caravan of the forest tribes, they would be within sight of the threatening castle for the best part of two marches.    A woozle came into the camp and there was much merriment at its antics, lightening the sense of foreboding for a while. This pleased Moleswind, because it gave him a chance to slip away unnoticed.    Part man and part tree, a woozle is a very peculiar creature indeed. This one seemed friendly and was welcomed by the elves, who revere trees. To them it was as if a demi-god had descended from the heavens to walk among his followers. They saw this as a good omen; interpreting it as a sign that the rest of the journey would go smoothly.    Meanwhile, seeking the way to the drake’s lair, Moleswind found the ground rocky, dry and dusty, with hardly any vegetation. This meant, for the noggle (whose tracking skills were okay, but not exceptional) the trail of the drake was easy to follow. After about an hour of scrambling up the mountainside, he came across a dark cave. It was a wide crack in a steep escarpment, and obviously big enough for the drake to have squeezed out of before attacking the camp.  
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