Cornelius Clifford, in collaboration with Howard Vause has created a selection of taster films featuring the amazing Monstrous Creatures. These short films and videos are a teaching resource designed to make education entertaining. Have a look, and let us know what you think - what do you like about these samples and what could we do better! email = greg@corneliusclifford.com 
In a collaboration with the amazing film maker Howard Vause Cornelius Clifford is proud to present these sample videos. There are short stories for children in English and even include a lesson (presented by some Monstrous Creatures) about the use of adjectives!
We’ve focused on different areas of preschool education, experimenting with using short films as well as books to get the desired learning outcome across. We think these stories for kids in film format will be interesting and funny for the children who watch them.
In time we aim to develop an online reading and viewing resource for kids. As the boundaries between different ways of presenting short stories for children blur, we plan to create wonderful multi-media resources using a variety of visual media to really engage the children in learning and education.
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