Cornelius Clifford was born in the depths of rural England in around 1689. Some say his father was a Dwarf and his mother had Fae blood. If this is true, then it might go some way towards explaining his remarkable longevity! For much of his life Cornelius has visited the Hidden Realms, (but he keeps how he gets there a secret, sorry!) When the old professor returns to our mundane world he brings back many tales and sketches of wonderful things he has seen there. The results of his explorations and observations are published by Dreamworlds as children’s eBooks.
Cornelius Clifford, author and illustrator of children's books, kids stories and gaming supplements
CORNELIUS CLIFFORD Cornelius Clifford is a writer of children’s fantasy fiction novels, illustrator of kids picture books, designer of role-playing game supplements and creator of unique creatures, who star in the Monstrous TV videos. The creator of a growing list of illustrated children’s books from Under the Hedge and the Wild Woods of the Hidden Realms, Cornelius Clifford is also well known for his fantasy RPG gaming books. All of Cornelius Clifford’s books are set in the Hidden Realms (a complete fantasy world beyond reality’s edge) which is connected to ours by magic. If you want to read good fantasy books, no matter what age you are, you’ve come to the right place!
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