Dougal, a lazy 'good for nothing much' type of Faerie, but affable for all that, by Cornelius Clifford The Faerie Queen lives in an underground palace in the Wild Wood, by Cornelius Clifford Goldie is a flying faerie who lives in the hedge, he is mischievous and fun loving, by Cornelius Clifford
Who are the Underhedge Folk? You may well ask: They are an odd assortment of ‘little’ people who live under the huge hedge which runs along the edge of the Wild Wood. Some would call them faeries, others a ‘bloomin’ nuisance’ but for me they are charming folks who live a simple life, in touch with nature.
The Underhedge Folk are all small - less that two foot tall. But they have arms and legs and heads, just like any other people. This is a charming children’s book series of fairy tales and preschool stories for kids. Each of these short stories for kids are available as books to read, and will be released as videos at some point soon.
Then there are this old couple (right): Mrs Tickleberry and her husband Dougal (but she calls him Captain Thunderpants!) They have a nice burrow (underground house) under the hedge and they have lived there for years. They are both getting a bit old now, but neither would hurt a flea. Both are bumbling, kind, forgetful and gentle little souls. They know how to have a good time, despite the aches and groans brought on by old age.
Another picture of Dougal, doing what he does best:- nothing much! He loves relaxing, savouring the passing of time and watching others work. Dougal features in several of the short stories for kids in English you will find here, as well as in a couple of online story books. He is a likeable character, if a little lazy and accident prone! He claims to have been a sky ship captain in his earlier days, but that sounds like rather hard work for someone like Dougal!
A flying faerie, called ‘Goldie’ by some. He doesn’t live under the hedge, in fact, he lives in the hedge. He sleeps in a rather nice podling nest (the Podlings moved out years ago) which he has adapted to his bachelor needs. Goldie will emerge as the hero of some kindergarten reading books soon and has already appeared in a couple of little kid stories to read that are awaiting publication.
You can find out more and buy the first of the Underhedge books here: Online children’s book store
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