UNDERGROUND FANTASY HOUSES This unique eBook is packed full of design ideas, plans and sketches for building a fantasy underground house. Some people would call these homes ‘hobbit houses’ after the charming description in Professor Tolkien’s books. In this unusual digital book, Cornelius Clifford explores how a fantasy house beneath the ground might be constructed. He refers back to ancient and traditional earth-house building techniques used in the past for living underground and attempts to answer questions like: What form can underground dwellings take? How to make a round ‘hobbit’ style window? Are round doors and frames feasible? How might we dig a burrow house, and using cut and fill construction methods. Building mound houses (based on tumuli and long barrows) What method might be used to build retaining walls? (Without using concrete) How to build a roof structure to take the weight of an earth and turf covering? Window tunnels to let in light and air. Panelling walls and ceilings to improve comfort. Fitting suspended plank floors and how to drain and ventilate beneath them. Packed full of ideas and inspiration, this original fantasy book will tickle your imagination, and may even inspire you to create your own underground house! 60 pages, line illustrations, diagrams and watercolours, PDF book format:- Buy now for $2.95 here: Hobbit Houses (using our secure Payhip page)
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Finally the last form of Underground house is literally a ‘cottage.’ It has four walls of mud, cob or stone, a thatched or turf roof and so on. The only things that make this type of home 'underground' is the fact that it is almost entirely created 'from' the ground on which it stands. It has been literally made 'from the earth' and so fits comfortably here.
The Burrow type of underground house is the oldest form and is essentially a round sided tunnel dug into the ground. There is a chamber at the furthest end, and perhaps other chambers leading off to either side of this main passageway.
Preview & extracts:
The Cut and Fill type of underground dwelling is where a flat area has been cut into the side of a slope or hill. Rooms or chambers are laid out by building retaining walls, the whole thing roofed over and then re-covered with the earth from the original excavation.
The Mound house is built on level or flat ground where the only excavation needed is scraping off the topsoil. One or more roughly circular enclosures are created with retaining walls made from stone or wooden posts. Soil is banked up against the outer walls. The whole structure is then roofed over and covered with either the earth from the original excavation (making a mound,) turf, grass sods, or thatch.