Whilst the witch is out the Snoofs zoom and zip about, madly having a great time, their poor doddery old babysitter just can't catch them. Even her husband (a retired sky ship captain called Captain Thunderpants) can't sort things out. Then the Snoofs hear the Witch's returning footsteps on the tree house stairs... Cornelius Clifford's gentle tale is bound to delight. The illustrations are lush photographs beautifully capturing the amazingly detailed sets and creatures, these wouldn't be out of place in a fantasy feature film!
SNOOFS IN THE WITCH’S KITCHEN A pair of small furry creatures, the Snoofs, have run away from their ancient faerie babysitter. They escape to play in the remarkable tree house kitchen of a Witch; while she is out, of course! The kitchen is crammed with magical ingredients and paraphernalia. This children's picture book features stunning original photographs, perfect for reading to children of any age, as a bed-time story and for early readers to read themselves.
KIDS STORY BOOKS Soon we will be featuring a range of children’s picture books on this page; kindergarten books, funny books for kids, reading stories for kids and so on. Cornelius is currently working revising and correcting a new children’s novel (called ‘The Faerie Changeling’) and when that has been published he will start working on the next Underhedge Folk book. This will appear on this, our kids bookstore page, in the spring. We have heaps of ideas for children’s story books, some new kids books and even a few educational childrens reading books. Watch this space!
Doctor Crowtooth, a refined monstrous creature by Cornelius Clifford
Doctor Crowtooth welcomes you
THE HIDDEN REALMS The Hidden Realms is another world, a world beyond Realities’ Edge. A world just around the corner from our own, and yet, at the same time, separated from us by great gulfs of space and deep caverns of time. You might enter the Hidden Realms by just walking through a magic door. If it's in the right place, at the right time. Or maybe you could get there by drinking the potion from that strange bottle you found in your grandfather’s old sea chest (then again it might turn you into a frog!) Or you could search for a lifetime and never find a way into this magical world at all. The only sure way to get there is by magic. And each of us must find our own particular way to enter the Hidden Realms. However you get to the Hidden Realms, once you are there (if you're lucky enough not to get lost and end up in a world filled with talking pigs) things will be strange and wonderful. There are faeries, goblins, and dragons; witches, elves and giants. There are also humans, but their society is medieval. The fastest way to get from one place to another is on horseback. And the local humans generally think Folks who live over the next hill are a bit odd. Then again, they often are! What they also have is magic, not conjurer’s tricks, but real magical magic.
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