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Atlas of the Hidden Realms by Cornelius Clifford, this book maps and describes a complete medieval fantasy world
ATLAS OF THE HIDDEN REALMS Welcome to this unique and magnificent Atlas of the Hidden Realms, written, illustrated and designed by Cornelius Clifford. The Hidden Realms is a complete magical fantasy world that can be found Beyond Reality’s Edge. This Atlas of the Hidden Realms illustrates an amazing and unique medieval fantasy world created over many years by Cornelius Clifford. The book includes twelve highly detailed pen & ink maps and hundreds of detailed entries in the gazetteer. This fantasy guidebook includes descriptions of every empire, country, realm, kingdom, duchy, county and tribal territory mentioned on the fantasy maps. Also all the cities, towns, villages and settlements waiting to be discovered and explored in this fabulous and magical medieval world. Profusely illustrated with line drawings of fantasy buildings from the Hidden Realms, this could well be one of the most comprehensively mapped fantasy worlds published. This exhaustive book includes twelve highly detailed pen & ink maps of the Hidden Realms. The scale of the maps is around 10 miles to one inch. The maps cover a large area, perhaps the size of a continent. The Atlas of Hidden Realms is a great tool for medieval or old school role- playing games. Most of Cornelius Clifford's books are set in the Hidden Realms, so this book is a lovely thing to read and explore if you enjoy the Professor's work...
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