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ATLAS OF THE HIDDEN REALMS A unique and magnificent fantasy book of maps  of entire the Hidden Realms world. Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford. The Hidden Realms is a comprehensive medieval fantasy world and the setting for most of Cornelius Clifford’s fantasy books This fantasy book includes twelve highly detailed pen & ink maps of the Hidden Realms and is illustrated with line drawings of fantasy buildings & etc. from the Hidden Realms, this could well be one of the most comprehensively mapped fantasy worlds around! Find out more here: ATLAS OF THE HIDDEN REALMS Or download your copy here: BOOK OF FANTASY MAPS
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The Faerie Changeling, a fantasy novel for children by Cornelius Clifford
THE FAERIE CHANGELING A full length fantasy novel or chapters book. In this classic children’s tale, a young human girl magically acquires the ability to transform into a faerie and back again from swimming in an enchanted pool. She uses this marvellous talent to help a good witch and a reluctant half-goblin lead the village in rising up against cruel and oppressive overlords… Click on the cover to buy this EBook now
A moon spirit from the Underworld invites you to explore the world of Cornelius Clifford: children's fantasy books, kids stories and picture books available from our online bookstore. Atlas of the Hidden Realms by Cornelius Clifford, this book maps and describes a complete medieval fantasy world
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Hunted by the Dark Elves, free fantasy eBook, first in the Moleswind series of epic fantasy adventures
Hunted by the Dark Elves, a new free fantasy book, first in the Moleswind series of epic fantasy adventures set in the Hidden Realms. Download your free copy here: The Adventures of Moleswind book one
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MOLESWIND AND THE GOBLIN INVASION The Goblin Invasion, a fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford, second in the Moleswind series of epic fantasy adventures set in the Hidden Realms. Download your copy here: The Adventures of Moleswind book two
NEW FANTASY BOOK! UNDERGROUND FANTASY HOUSES An exploration of how underground dwellings, or ‘hobbit houses’ might be built, including construction methods, detailed plans and designs for round windows and doors,, roof structures and much more. FIND OUT MORE or BUY NOW